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Fire Services - Major Planned Events

Large Event Ground

Music Festivals

Music festivals host tens of thousands of attendees, often allowing onsite camping for festivals goers who intend to stay for several days. Due to the high population density and other onsite accommodations, large scale music festivals often pose a variety of fire safety risks and require constant coverage by a dedicated onsite fire response team. 

Monster Truck Jumping

Extreme Motorsports

Thrilling stunts and cheering spectators. Due to the nature of the stunts performed by the drivers of these high octane machines, venues featuring extreme motorsports attractions must always consider fuel fires and driver entrapment as serious, potentially likely hazards. A rapid deployment of onsite emergency services is key to ensuring the safety of both driver and spectators.

Large Event Ground

Cultural Fairs & Festivals

The Occupiers Liability Act establishes a duty of care to ensure reasonable safety measures are established for large events. Mass gatherings gaining the attendance of thousands require dedicated onsite fire safety services to complement their emergency response and life-safety services within the event setting. Our well equipped, experience teams have the capacity to provide services to event spaces of any size and capacity. 


Pyrotechnic Displays

Pyrotechnics are often stored and deployed in a safe and controlled manner. However, the environments in which venues operate these spectacular displays may pose risks. Whether taking place indoors or outdoors, any event featuring a pyrotechnic display should consider onsite fire safety services as a necessity.

Our Approach

Firefighter in front of monster truck

Pre-Incident Planning

The first step in mitigating fire safety hazards, is identifying them. Our team collaboratively develops a pre-incident plan for every venue and event prior to the provision of onsite services. This helps both our technicians and the client understand what hazards are present, and allows us to mitigate risks before they become a significant threat to life-safety.

Event Firefighters standing

Proactive Prevention

We take a proactive approach to fire prevention. Our uniformed team members create a high-visibility stand out safety presence. Proactive fire patrols and "fire watch" ensures that new hazards are quickly assessed and mitigated, minimizing dynamic risks to fire hazards and threat to both life-safety and property.

McMillan Emergency Services Car 1

Emergency Response

In the event of the unexpected, our emergency response team is equipped with a host of fire suppression tools to effectively protect your property and attendees. Immediate fire response allows us to mitigate fire relate emergencies in the fire's incipient stage. These rapid response tactics are crucial in minimizing injuries and financial or real property losses due to smoke or fire damage.

Fire EMS SUV Equipment

The Right Equipment

We provide a wide range of unique firefighting agents and vehicles, allowing us to offer modular rapid response firefighting solutions when providing onsite coverage. With vehicles that are smaller than conventional firefighting apparatus, we are able to access crowded or hard to reach areas of a venue, while simultaneously remaining discreet and minimizing our footprint, further protecting your customer's experience

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